First daily interest payment (1.8%) received!

Following a day of large crypto-currency fluctuations (Bitcoin passed 4000$!), i have now received my first of the daily interest payment of 1.98$ or 1.8%! Although it was expected, its always nice to see.  Do keep in mind all investments carries a risk, this one included.

To avoid loosing out on Bitcoin gains, i bought this position using other means. This is due to the fact your money aren’t held as Bitcoin on BitConnect, but rather as Dollar valuation which can then be converted to BitConnect Coins, and then into Bitcoin.

Also nice to see my recent buy of Neo (former Antshares) rising to 50$ range, as i bought for 8$ not many days ago 🙂

Here’s a screenshot of the first daily interest payment from BitConnect Lending:



Below is the volatility chart for last month. Not a bad month for volatility certainly!




Here’s a list of the top 6 crypto-currencies from :



Here’s my referral link to BitConnect :


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