Interest Payment update: day 17

The daily interest payments on the 110$ BitConnect loan have been payed out expected. The average daily interest over the first 17 days have been 1,083$ or 0,98%!

I have been transferring the payments back to Bitcoin (via BCC) when i receive them, to profit on its rise.

Due to unscheduled maintenance the website was down for a couple days. I was however pleased to see the interest payments kept coming during this.

Note that you can withdraw your interest payments in Bitcoin at any time for a fee of 0,0004 Btc. However, you can also choose the popular option of reinvesting to compound the interest.



I will be posting more updates soon.

If you’re interested in Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Neo etc, please have a look at my other blog: CryptoCurrencyInvest.WordPress


Disclaimer: This is not financial advice! I am not an expert!


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